Thursday, April 5, 2012

we have some exciting news coming your way!

but before i tell you... i'd LOVE to hear what you think?

do you think that we ...

have another engaged friend or family member?
are getting a puppy dog?
bought a house?
are having a baby?
 won the lottery?
are dying my hair blonde?
are moving?
or are gaining a new niece or nephew?

all of these would be really super awesome!

but i will tell you one thing... we're so happy we could dance!


  1. Either baby or moving! All of them would be so exciting!

  2. Puppy! Baby! Or moving with a puppy and a baby!

  3. baaaaaaaabbbbbbbbyyyyyyyy.
    tell me. tell me now.

  4. Oh gosh I don't even know you that well, so is it weird to say I hope you're having a baby!?! Ha whatever it is... I can't WAIT to hear! :) Such a fun post for a change in your life- love it! So glad I found your blog! Keep in touch :)


  5. I think moving! But I won't lie, I want it to be baby, so I can follow the journey and be envious. :)