Tuesday, February 12, 2013

too impatient for baby girl

i'm not lying when i say that i hold real grudges towards baby girl when she decides to go more than 3 hours without kicks. i really think it is mean.

yesterday i was truly mad at her because we had a dr. appt and i get so excited for these particular measuring ones, because they are super detailed and give you lots and lots of pictures. BUT baby girl was not into the camera at all, and wouldn't cooperate. the dr. had a very difficult time getting any of her measurements, but most importantly she also had a hard time getting any good pictures! we got a picture of her ear... yay. so yeah, i was a little bit mad at her yesterday, until that night she kicked like crazy and then i kind of forgave her.

and then today happened.
she did not kick ALL DAY, and i wondered if she was in there still.
then the minute i lay down she goes to town on my belly. 

so baby girl and i need to come up with some sort of deal or something. where i feed her candy and then she kicks. i would do that for her.


  1. Oh you are too cute. And I'm oh so baby hungry I can't even handle it. Hope she kicks kicks and kicks for you! Karate kid?

  2. ha.. i had a few appointments were D would actually have his hand up to his face blocking it.. it was as if we were the paparazzi.