Saturday, February 9, 2013

baby kicks and weekend recap

first let me address my title.
should i be sad that i am posting a weekend recap at 9:30 PM?
oh well, we are tired and cozy and sitting by the fire so i don't even care.

i can't even begin to tell you how incredible this whole pregnancy thing is.
there is a baby inside of me.
just let that settle.

a growing human being is inside of my tummy right now.
i can't get over how amazing the human body is!
and how much cooler being a woman is than being a man.

"boys go to jupiter to-get more stupider, girls go to mars- to get cool cars."

but really baby thug chica monson is done just chillin' she's all about the kicking stuff.

she kicks every day all day, and we are LOVING it!

and sometimes we can even tell where she is in my belly.
i can't help but think it is her head, just being like' "yo what up mom"
but she could be doing some serious booty dancing too.

on a completely separate and different topic entirely.
this weekend jeff really really wanted to go to the pebble beach golf tournament.
so we all headed to carmel for the day and while the boys walked 18 holes
we lunched and shopped and walked around cute carmel!

apparently i am trying to claim baby tenley or something.

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