Tuesday, May 7, 2013

35 weeks!

we are 35 now weeks pregnant and one day closer to meeting this baby girl!
we are so excited! and i have a big round ball hanging from my body.

our nursery is coming along. out of the 3 rooms, it is my favorite.

although pregnancy is hard work, we have managed to remember the light at the end of the tunnel and make the most of it. here is a list of some perks to being pregnant...

baby clothes. oh my goodness.

people are very nice to you, they open doors and start friendly conversations, and let them butt you in line. i only wish that people could see that i was pregnant in the car. baby on board sticker?

i get to drive in the car pool lane. and not just after i have the baby, because i am currently taking advantage of the two beating hearts in my car.

people don't screen your phone call, because truth be told it could be an emergency and i could actually be going into labor! everyone is much more paranoid.

i can ask jeff to grab me something and he will do it. not that he wouldn't before, but before i was capable of also getting off the couch or out of bed to fill up my water bottle or hand me chapstick. now, he will do all of that and above without any sarcasm.

date night, every night. since it has gotten hard for me to be up and moving, the grocery store is impossible. so lucky for us we go to dinner kind of, sort of every night and it is great! because we both know that once baby girl arrives those days are over.

i have an excuse for everything."um, sorry i'm pregnant." and everyone is so understanding.

given our situation, we are very popular at the hospital and dr. office. instead of just being an in/out patient. we have formed relationships with many of the nurses and doctors. they give us so much individual attention and have show us so much compassion. we have loved every single one of our doctors and feel so lucky!

i got a pedicure. because i truly cannot paint my own toenails.

feeling and seeing baby girl move. this has been my most favorite part of pregnancy, and i will miss it. although it is the most alien like thing to experience. it is beyond awesome. i am so entertained by her movements. sometimes it hurts a little bit, but i just can't get over the feeling of a little tiny baby moving around in my tummy.

and for now that's all.

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  1. we are sooo excited for you guys!! can't wait for your shower! xoxoxo