Tuesday, April 23, 2013

the perfect pregnancy

a little pregnancy update for ya.
it's a little bit wordy, so i apologize for the length.

we are so close to having this baby we can't even stand it!
as you already know our april was pretty crazy, and things just keep on getting crazier!
after everything that happened, with my kidneys and my surgery- we needed to see a specialist for high-risk pregnancies. since i was showing so many signs for pre-term labor, we had to see and her and she and she would have the final say on our hawaii trip that we have had planned since we first found out we were preggo. 

so we met with the dr, and we are loving our appt. since we're now considered "high-risk," they have to do all these detailed ultra sounds, which was awesome! and because our baby is so developed at this point, we literally saw what she looks like and coud like see whose nose she had, etc. 
it was one of the neatest things! our ultra sound tech was riding her high horse and bragging about how good she was at getting the best pictures- so we were all for it and just kept on feeding her ego and getting some great pics!

so as we are on this super duper high, our doctor comes in and looks over the ultra sound results.
she starts asking me about contractions and if i'm having any.
then she goes on to tell me that she needs to examine me because my cervix has not improved since my last ultra sound. and then she tells me that i am a little bit dilated, and then she tells me that hawaii is out of the question. dun dun dun.
things just kept spiraling down.
and we were not prepared for that. so of course i start crying.

then she asks me if i can feel the contraction that i am currently having.
we are both so confused, apparently i am having contractions all of the time.

so then she wanted to keep me and hook me up to the monitors and monitor my contractions a little bit closer. After twenty minutes on the monitors and about 5-6 contractions later, she wanted to admit me to labor and delivery to run some additional tests. so my twenty minute appointment turned into a lot longer. she told me she would be back to check on me in a few hours.

all of this was not what we were expecting. we thought we were on the up and up and were definitely on track to go to hawaii. so at the end of the day, when we finally got to leave the hospital- we were pretty bummed about everything!


now that is has been a couple of days we realize that hawaii would have been a really hard trip for me. it wouldn't have been the same trip that i was looking so forward to. since my kidney surgery it is really hard for me to do a lot of things... i have become VERY limited in the activities i can do.
but i have become really good at sitting, netflix, online shopping, sleeping in, and bath tubs.

however, since our hospital scare and considering the possibility of this baby coming early, we have gotten a rocker, our crib, and our carseat and stroller. the last couple times we've ended up at the hospital we find ourselves saying, "well shoot, they wont let us leave without a carseat." so now i think we're good. come on baby!

to be honest, at first all of this was really hard to swallow. i couldn't talk about my situations for too long cause i would start to cry. i don't know if its really cause i'm sad about hawaii or what. but i just start to dwell on things and then realize i'm just feeling sorry for myself, and then i feel stupid for feeling sorry for myself and cry more. it's just one big circle of pregnancy hormones. gosh i'm done with those! it's also been really hard to limit my activity to basically none whatsoever. i want to be productive so badly and just clean up the kitchen, but it seriously takes so much energy and then i start to contract even more. boo.

but we just have to remember that this is not forever, and soon we will have this sweet little thing in our arms that made it all worth it! we have been so fortunate to have so many understanding and supportive people lend a hand. jeff's work is very understanding and he has taken A LOT of emergency or work from home days. my apartment managing has been pretty slick too. not too much is going on and a day or two at the hospital goes unnoticed. even still, i obviously let them know and they are all very understanding. and obviously my mom has had some unscheduled visits to help.

i hate to sound like i am complaining. well, lets be honest- i AM sort of complaining, but it helps us to see that things can be hard and unpredictable, and all we can do is be positive and make the best of whatever it is. so slowly, but surely we are coming along.

if you are clueless about all my kidney/surgery/april craziness, read about that here

and because posts without pictures are boring, here you go.
this blue skirt is basically my uniform these days. i wear it ALL the time!
this is pre-chaos, when i could still go to the store and walk around.

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  1. Unfortunate about the Hawaii trip :(( But like you said, all of this will be worth it in the end!! You look great :))