Monday, April 15, 2013

our latest visitors, the jones

a couple weeks ago we had our good friend the jones come and visit!
it was so much fun to have a baby in our apartment and to get a sense of what our future holds...
although we had a baby on board, we didn't let that stop us!
we were busy bodies.
we ventured to the ferry building and had the yummiest macaroons. 
rose is my most favorite flavor!

josh and jeff toured stanford campus while emmy and i pushed baby leo on the swing.
he loved it!

of course we walked down by the sail boats and enjoyed the clear weather and view of the GGB

we tackled the crowds of union square and shopped uniqlo.

we finally made it to dolores park and picnic'ed our delicious ike's sandwiches and i was the only adult waiting in line to go down the long slide, and i got butted by little kids over and over again not believing i was actually waiting to go down the slide. 
next time i'll be more fierce. 
jeff barely let me go down the slide, it's SUPER dangerous when your pregs...
jeff is also paranoid if you didn't catch that..

thanks for letting me steal this..

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  1. so cute! where is your jacket from??? i need it!