Tuesday, May 21, 2013

37 weeks!

yay for us!
we made it full-term.
even though there were definitely times where i threatened to get the vacuum out.. i held strong.
and of course we owe some credit to baby girl, but not too much, cause every stress test we've done shows that she is comfy cozy! and obviously she never wanted to come out, or else she would have long ago. i was sort of trying to kick her out, not very nice of me.

we are so happy that she was able to stay in and grow a little bit more!
however, now that she is full term, i might try to kick her out again- she is causing me some serious pain and i'm too excited to meet her. 

our pregnancy has been quite the roller coaster, but we have been so fortunate to be reassured every time things got out of hand. we have had amazing doctors and hospital experiences. i loved being at the hospital and can't wait to be back and have a sleepover with the nurses! we also have had such great support and understanding from family and friends that have flown out last minute, extended their stays, cooked us meals, and forgiven us when we didn't show up to showers. especially when we were in charge of food.
i might be the worst pregnant friend ever.

but that's all about to change! cause once baby girl gets here, things will be great! i actually don't know that, but at least i won't have a basketball size tummy that causes me to stay in bed all day!
so hip hip hooray for babies!

wish us luck and a speedy delivery!
ps. this is not me delivering
love ya!

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