Monday, March 4, 2013

weekend getaway in monterey

this last weekend was spent in monterey and it was just what the doctor ordered!
 not really, i feel like doctor would be mad with all my travel plans...

our friends flew into monterey on friday and we met up with them that afternoon and then partied.
our resort was incredible and right on the beach, and somehow, we got an ocean view without paying the price--score!

for such a short weekend trip we really took advantage of our time there. we were just a short walk from the wharf, which has some of the best restaurants, and apparently the best cam chowder in every restaurant- and i'll get to that in a minute.
our first night we ate at passion fish, which was a classy fish house with waitresses that sort of take their job too seriously. but that's ok- cause it was SO good, and we all loved every single bite, even down to the desserts! definitely recommended by me, and maybe you will get a different waiter.
also a fun little dessert, or breakfast spot- crepes of brittany. yum!
and now back to the clam chowder. as i said every restaurant claims to be the best, however we taste tested, and decided that old fisherman's grotto is actually the best. it was just right on the wharf, and we sat right by the window and chatted with a weird little seagull. also a must on the wharf, is cafe fina, and if your lucky you will see john madden, or a lot of other famous people- apparently we barely missed him. at this place i don't know which was better, our waiter having a crush on jeff, the food, or the new york couple that chatted us up the whole night. it was great!

  just a short bit away, we found a less creamy, still delicious clam chowder spot {with a softer bread bowl} called vivolo's chowder house, and it was also delicious. and kara ordered the fish taco's and said it was the best fish taco she had ever had. so...

and of course, being in monterey we had to go to the aquarium- which of course was awesome!
i especially loved the jellies, and sometimes they get tangled together, and that is actually sad, but we watched and made sure that they got untangled.

it was such a fun trip, and we were sad to have it end. we ate like kings, and even though i am pregs and expanding, i expanded much much more than necessary due to food. oh well, if i'm going to be getting bigger i might as well supplement it a little bit.

goodbye monterey, be back soon!

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  1. I couldn't have said it any better, Eliza. Lets make it at least an annual trip. Love the pics too!