Thursday, March 7, 2013

26 weeks and PREGNANT

oh hey peeps. guess what, on wednesday i hit my 6 month mark.
and we {jeff and i} are so clueless that we had to google when the third trimester starts.
it hasn't yet.
and don't make fun- it is kind of confusing.

anyways, i don't understand how i went from being able to hide my baby bump to all of the sudden people touching my tummy and saying, "someone's expecting..."
to be honest, the first time that someone said something it made me a little bit sad. 
i came home and told jeff that someone noticed i was pregnant, i was now big enough for people to visually see the physical change.
so i decided to fully embrace it, rather than wearing all loosey goosey things. 
now people will know why i am getting fatter rather than just noticing that i am getting fatter.
does that make sense?

anyways, baby is moving all around, all the time. she loves to move.
and sometimes i feel like she is standing horizontally, and will literally make one side of my tummy pop out. i have a picture to prove it, but i already got scolded by my mom for putting a bare belly pic online- so sorry no more of that happening. not that i need to apologize, you are all probably grateful.

hmmm, what are some random things i can tell you thus far.
we recently switched doctors and are thrilled with the change. yay. he is the sweetest, nicest man ever.
jeff is the most paranoid husband ever. he wants to call our doctor about everything.
he also googles everything about everything.
i finally bought maternity pants, and i swear i wish i could wear them after i'm done growing a baby- they are SO comfy! i love them!
heartburn sucks, it makes me nauseas.
water is boring.
we have visitors coming and are SO excited!
we have not even started on a nursery of any kind.
should i cut my hair/bangs?

i don't know why i chose to actually post this pic. please remember that the camera adds ten pounds, and so does eating a huge dinner... other than that happy 26 weeks to me!

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