Friday, August 27, 2010

first home, first meal.

This is what we call HOME!

Darling cute green door!

and it even came with the welcome mat!

for slang we call it the Garden

Moving is NO FUN! we had to do so many loads, and we did get married in the middle of the summer, heat wave!

But for the first time ever, I am living somewhere other than my parents house. GO ME!
We have such sweet parents! when we came home we were stocked up on all our favorites! I guess we kind of have weird favorites...

stacy's chips

peanut butter taffy (mellows and peanut butter in the microwave stirred and mixed!) too bad we just barely got a microwave

Red velvet cupcake mix

chocolate milk and diet coke

string cheese

And they helped us put some of our things together... like Jeff's desk.

**parents rule!

The day after we got home from our honeymoon, we did not have very much food, however we did have muffin mix that only asks for water. So we enjoyed chocolate chip muffins! Makes the perfect amount for two. Sadly, we didn't buy groceries for a week so those muffin mixes served us well. Thanks Emily and Sara for that shower gift- It was delicious! We paired them with out favorites; chocolate milk and a DC.

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  1. I love your cute house and your cute food and your cute blog. You two are just adorable! Thanks for an awesome weekend in St. George. I need to get pictures from you!