Saturday, May 14, 2011

sicky jeff

The other day Jeff had a sicky day. It was rainy and cold outside and so we thought that maybe if he stayed home a day to get some R&R he would be good ready when the sunshine came out. And he was.

But I took full advantage and am such a great and super wife that I made him get his butt out of bed so we could atleast explore Ft. Collins a minute together. So we ventured into this little deli called Mcallister Deli for some soupy! It was really good and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. We will definitely be back there again.
{note: although i look sick in this picture i am not.}

Moving on, today is Saturday- meaning that Jeff goes at 9 AM this morning. Usally they leave around 1 or 2 so it is kinda a jump. We try to be productive on those morning because when he gets home at 9 at night their isn't a whole lot going on. So we try to have breakfast, go to the gym, walk Moby, stop by the store if we need to, go get DC's (Jeff just LOVES his DC's and always has to have one-so weird). So today will be along day of doing I don't know stuff. So far on my agenda is mail a letter and buy Jeff a new toothbrush. Oh and I want to detail clean this little apartment that apparently has gotten dirty in the week we have been in it.

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