Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sundays. fun day.

So I married a work-a-holic. No I didn't really. But right now it seems that way.

Many of you know that we are "selling" this summer, not we, but Jeff.

I came along for the free summer, and cause we are married. But Jeff's schedule is quite demanding. He works everyday from 2-9, except Sunday. But on Saturday he goes at 9. But they are currently working in Cheyenne, so they are commuting 40 minutes every day. And right now they are having a meeting before they sell each day- so Jeff's work day begins at 12. But this may not be the case for the entire summer.

Luckily, he is working with many people that he enjoys, so the drives and time spent with them is good. Plus many of them are married so that's fun for me.

And we do a lot of double/group things.

Since Jeff has such long hours we try to make the most of our morning. We are close by a 24 hour fitness and when the weather is nice we take our bikes out. We take Moby out for a walk, and have a delicious breakfast together. Sometimes we stop at the store.

Anyways- what I am getting at is why Sundays are such a special day. Because it is the only day the Jeff doesn't work. Yay. So we try to make the most of Sundays.

SO here is our Sunday.

On Sunday Jeff and I went to our new little ward. And I decided that I LOVE out of Utah wards. They are so happy you are there! They just ate us up!

After I was a bit tired and took a little nap with Moby and Jeff thought it was camera worthy- which totally was. And then we walked around the Farmer's Market that we will visit often!

As I said earlier, I wanted to teach Jeff Old Towne so we went and strolled around. It was MUCH more crowded on Sunday than it was on Saturday. There was live music, magicians, story-telling, and little food-stands. It was very fun.

This is Old Towne square.

After a bunch of us got together for a BBQ by the pool. It was delicious! And our food was not as professional as what you will see below with the skewers and bacon wrapped steak. And I didn't get a picture but of course Kara did the works and made homemade pizza.

We brought chicken and salmon.

This is Brandon, he is kind of a professional when it comes to grilling.

His food was mouth-watering.

Everyone thought that we secretly planned to bring baby food so that everyone else would feel the need to feed us. Plan or not- it worked out that way.

Here is everyone else pretending to grill... Especially Doug and Jeff.

And last but not least a
Photoshoot for your viewing pleasure!
I just wanted a normal cute picture and then the camera man prompted us to do more...


angry lions

hooray for being drunk and showing off my sculpted muscles.

The gym is paying off- what do you think?

Being mad at Jeff.

I'm not sure?

and we didn't even get one cute one.

Do you Utahns miss me yet?

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