Monday, June 27, 2011


We are proud owners of iPhones! And we are both very obsessed.
Jeff's phone has been struggling for some time and mine recently got a VERY large crack. And we have held off apple for some long... but we finally caved. After Jeff got an iPad- he was hooked. And I kept telling Jeff that if he was getting one- I was getting one too. It was only fair.
And we decided that it would be our anniversary gift to each other.
But we couldn't wait until then because Jeff NEEDS a phone for his work and no way he was getting without me!

so HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.. in 31 days!

But we have never owned any mac products so we are amateurs+

So feel free to help us, and let me know some good apps that I should get!

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  1. Angry birds, tiny wings, words with friends, urban spoon, and for photos instagram. Enjoy you will be hooked forever . And to save your battery double click the button and you'll get this bar that pops up at the bottom of the screen, that's all your apps that are still running. To delete just push on the app for a few secs and then you'll get all red circle at the top corner of that app just press it and it will close it and it won't waste your batter