Sunday, August 21, 2011


-this picture above, the one with our hard core gym faces, is what you wear to the gym when you choose not to wear your wedding rings. so that everyone knows you are obviously together and off limits. But it still doesn't work very well for me.. hee hee.

-I may or may not have fed Moby blueberries... I had just gotten out of the shower and couldn't go in front of the window to his food {we were at a hotel remember. correction motel}.
-Bloggers act like they eat candy and junk food 24/7! Then they take a picture of lunch or their groceries. Nothing but fruits and veggies- LIARS.
-Sorry that I'm WAY way way more excited for Kim Kardashian's wedding than the royal wedding. Really though, who isn't?
-So my brother basically has some pretty sweet hook-ups and is definitely taking advantage of them in Coronado. He sent me a picture making me jealous. So I texted him back "your a wiener." yeah that text wasn't to just me. But my entire family and some friends. Oops.

-one big adjustment. this summer i was able to blab blab to jeff about whoever i wanted too- not scared of anyone over hearing me and having it be... oh i dunno their cousin or something {only people in utah will understand that}. also i could go to the high school run the track, stairs, and then do girl push-ups and crunches and not feel stupid. definitely not an option in SL. yeah, i'm self-conscious.
-i'm not some HUGE JB fan. but i might have had a dream about him, and lamar odom was his dad, i was at a jazz game in a wedding dress {and i changed into the wedding dress at the jazz game...}, JB pointed to me in his song during the half-time show, and i told best friend eliza that if Justin Bieber liked me i had to go for it right? WHAT? WHO AM I?!

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  1. love the part about JB. he's a definite crooner swooner. i'm not afraid to admit that i love him and i've seen him in concert.