Saturday, October 15, 2011


this was so cool!
i definitely had my doubts about alcatraz and having to listen to a tour guide.
no, no, no. i was very wrong. it was most entertaining. for those of you that haven't been it is an audio tour told through the actual voices of real prisoners and prison guards. it was awesome.

i felt like such a responsible adult boarding the train, and then the bus, and directing us where to go. i learned all new thigns about my magical iPhone! and not like it was my way or the highway. but my way was the best way {compared to scott's}. his way was more $$$ and more time {we did it his way on the way home}. but then again he has a droid. so oldschool.

we walked around pier 39 fisherman's wharf and ate at BOUDIN. yum! and i was probably a little bit more entertained by the sea lions than i should have been. and maybe we spent an extra 20 minutes too long watching them.


and then we were off to alcatraz island.
which used to be owned by indians... hmmmm. how about that?

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