Thursday, November 10, 2011

happy birthday best friend

apparently i forgot last year. whoops.

eliza is my bff, and has been for quite some time now.
she was my maid of honor and and before i got married, my better half.
not that jeff is better than her, {cause i'm actually better than both of them} but her and jeff are both my opposite and it's really like i have married my best friend in boy version. that's a compliment right? if not, i mean it to be.

eliza is a real keeper. she has helped me with so many things.
we became friends many moons ago, and i won't go into details because the story does not do me well.
let's just say. it was kindergarten and i met a girl who had my same name and wore the same exact outfit as me... on the first day of school. why would i like her!? 
at one point i may have told her i hated her, and at another we were chomping on boogers. and good thing we got over that habit huh?

eventually having the same name benefitted us, every time we played games, we got to be together, cause it only made sense. we had the same name.

we have done a whole lot together.
she is smarter than me, and tells me when to NOT dye my hair {pink}

but i'm also there for her when she is trying to get out of soccer practice and i help her jump off the bed pointing her toes trying to break her foot somehow. we'd also call her soccer coach at the same time so that if he answered one, it was a mis-dial, and then eliza could leave a message about why she couldn't make it to soccer practice. 

she helps me explain things to jeff that make him look wrong.

when i want to buy weird things, she tells me no by telling me who else she could see wearing that.

all in all its a pretty solid friendship.

this one above might be my favorite. it sort of is sums us up.

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