Monday, November 7, 2011

our weekend

this weekend we went to a fiesta birthday party for a one year old! and now i am thinking about all the great and wonderful birthdays that baby one year old has to look forward to! so many! i enjoy my birthdays in the fact that get surprises! but i don't really like my age increasing. it is not as fun. but baby one year old has lots of great fun birthdays coming his way! jealous is what i am.


-my new iPhone game that i have learned about and that i LOVE LOVE LOVE! it is called 7 little words, and i cannot stop playing it. it is brain twistering me. get the game you fellow iPhoners, you will be pleased, and those of you that don't have an iPhone, get one. it's pretty coo.

-persuit of happyness tears at my heartstrings. and my commentary at the end... 
"it's like so magical."
"he. is. so happy."
"oh i just love it! he is crying!"

-jeff and i have a little obsession right now with two things. 
1) houses. {which we are not looking to buy} we drive around and look at houses that are for sale and then choose a favorite.
2) dogs. {also not buying one anytime soon} we are constantly looking them up online. currently loving boxers and golden retrievers.

-i wish that every day were daylight savings. i got up an hour earlier than usual and wasn't even tired. it was pure bliss.

-papa johns pizza is the best. hands down. sorry ec.

-yesterday i blow-dryed my hair, which i haven't done in literally 5 months {i didn't even take a blowdryer with me this sum sum} and everyone commented on how my hair looked good different bla bla. which is great right- i love a good compliment, but what HAS it been looking like??? eek.

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