Monday, November 14, 2011

youknowyouloveit + gratefuls

-i may or may not have a goal to one day be fashionista enough to make it on the sartorialist! yes i do.

-i go to HI on friday.

-jeff is sad about the NBA lockout, and don't get me wrong, i love my JAZZ, but i can't tell a difference in the amount of ESPN we watch now compared to then. it hasn't changed.


-yesterday jeff and i established that we are both the "golden child" in our families. oh how lucky we are to have found each other!

-i got a new calling in my ward... i am the young women's sports coordinator. they asked me if i was at all familiar with basketball and volleyball, which i'm not, and they said great! so here we go! but tammy taylor was the volleyball coach, so i'm sort of following in her footsteps.

-i go to HI on friday.

it was too much to do it daily, so i'm sticking to a weekly recap of thankfuls.

e is grateful for warm clothes, boots, the movie dan in real life, family vacations, candles, and dreams that involve ellen degeneres.
j is grateful for golf, good health, the internet, HI trip, wheat thins, and career opportunities

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  1. Dan in Real Life -- awesome ("murderer of love!).