Tuesday, November 1, 2011


-i hate having to go to group meetings at the library that literally last for ten minutes. especially when we are in class and can just stay in our class a little bit longer rather than walking ALL the way to the library. it's like we aren't supposed to study or group meet ANYWHERE else. lame. i don't like how all the sudden in my senior year of college i am going to the library all the time. i literally have been to the library 4 times, 2 being this year.

-my conversation with my 3 year old nephew...
(ps. brittany and jordan are dating.)
me: who's my mommy?
winston: brittany (who is my brother's girlfriend)
me: ok. who's jeff's mommy?
winston: Elmo.
me: who's brittany's mommy?
winston: jordan

-sorry these are so late, halloween has taken over..

-my husb fit into my leggings... how should i feel about that?

-november is still pumpkin season, yes?

-sometimes i day dream about what it would be like to NOT have homework ever ever again! it is a magical dream. but really, i feel like i will have SO much time on my hands. what will i do? i have been doing homework since i was miniature,

-this year our halloween costumes were sort of epic!

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