Tuesday, November 29, 2011


-when you are potty-ing on one of those automatic flushers and for some reason the toilet thinks you are done and flushes on you. i hate this. you hate this. we all hate this. normal flushers aren't that bad, just use your feet, its sanitary.

-going to hawaii, getting a call from your landlady to inform you that something in your apartment is flooding to your downstairs neighbors. oops. to then find out your water heater is broken and then dies and needs to be replaced. problems solved right? no. come home from hawaii and your furnace is not working do you have to sleep at your parents house until they fix it that night. problems solved right? no. after all this trouble- no water pressure. oh apartment living, you are lovely. welcome home to us!

-sitting in an exit row is freezing!

-becoming best friends with your flight attendant is awesome. double biscoff cookies, double the fun!

-sharing a room in HI with sister's family is sometimes fun... {3 and 9 month old...}

-christmas music, i love you. and i'm finally going to give pandora a try and listen to their christmas station.

-NBA lockout ends. sadly, i do not think the amount of ESPN i end up watching via jeff will change.

-i am puppy hungry. everyone is getting a puppy. {do we chance getting evicted?}

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