Wednesday, December 14, 2011

finally done with finals

i'm all done.
and i actually cared about my grades this time.
i even e-mailed my teacher after my online final of why my answers were valid. and it was the difference of one point. 

school is such a bully. every night i find myself here. and i stay here for a long time, sometimes even until 5 in the morning. and sometimes i have to recruit jeff to help me. our apartment gets messy. it doesn't get the tlc it needs to entertain. so friends that visit, i am sorry. and my back gets ouchy from crouching. proper nutrition goes OUT the window. we welcome pizza, mac&cheese, wheat thins and cottage cheese, cereal, and anything and everything that our parents provide. thanks guys. 


so bring on the holiday parties, the delicious foods, awesome friends and the freezing cold. it is christmas time now!

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