Saturday, December 31, 2011

a year in review: 2011

this past year has been an unforgettable one. happy happy memories!

snowmobiling in yellowstone
jeff's basketball league won a trophy. yay.
we watched the royal wedding, in royal fashion
we moved to ft. collins, colorado.
rescued a baby bird
i started eating fruit. blended in a blendtec
went to a rockies game
made new friends
after jeff following for years, i became a bachelor/ette fan. gross.
visitors come to ft. collins
went to the denver aquarium and stared at sharks for an hour
jeff got an iPad and then we got iPhones
moved to wyoming
lived in a hotel
jeff got attacked by a dog
ate big hunks instead of breakfast, lunch or dinner.
held a ferret
played and got good at racquet ball
went to harry potter, dressed up, which is apparently only a utah thing...
rockpile museum. this was dumb.
moved again. to motel 6
somehow got upgraded to the manager's apartment.
surprise visit home en route to jackson, wy.
left jackson, wy after one day.
moved to riverton, wy. 
stayed at motel 6. no upgrades.
went to the laundromat for my first time. too trusting and didn't wait there. but no clothes were stolen!
motel 6 toilets don't flush daddy doo doo's so they let us keep the plunger in our room... um thanks.
came home!
biked, biked, biked, biked, biked, biked, etc.
caught a squirrel in my sisters basement
taylor swift concert
visited friends in california
utah games
hawaii for thanksgiving
snorkeled: saw a turtle, almost swam face fist into  jelly-fish
got a real tree this christmas {one over 2 feet tall. it was 6!}
holiday parties
got straight a's {i count a minuses}


we have been blessed immensely and have loved another year together. we look forward to new years resolutions, graduating, and then the unknown basically.

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  1. You guys had a sweet year! I am jealous of all the things you did. Super jealous of your hot onesie pj's.