Friday, February 17, 2012


-problem. mr. monson, being all professional comes home from worky work and often times we talk about our future. which leads to possibly moving away, which leads to me at the end of our conversation googling real estate in other cities. this, my friends, is sort of a problem.

-so i'll let you now where i'll be living one day and then someone can buy me a house and let me and my mr. live in it!

-i went to the eye doctor and got my eyes dilated. i have never experienced this before. first time for everything right. you can only imagine my fear when all of the sudden i couldn't read and was holding my phone farther and farther away at the dr.'s office. this was definitely fun. i think my monday beats your monday.

-attempting to save time by showering with mr. monson. {don't worry i won't go into detail}. but our shower is teeny tiny. and this never saves time, and always results in bickering. cause of course he is a hot water hog...

-however i do recommend this is attempted by all. {now now, calm down. this is a family blog...} because it is very interesting to see what clever ways you come up with to try and share the water as much as possible. especially with the water pressure of a watering can... and let's be honest. we always have major laugh attacks in the shower, because we don't know what persuaded us into thinking that we could do this again and it would be different and save time, and we would both be warm and comfortable the entire time.

-so me and mr. monson LOVE wheat thins. like we really really love them! and i skim the bag for the ones with little burnt edges. i am a major picker. i do this with a lot of different foods. like i pick out the clusters of granola which this drives people crazy, but anyways... so the other night as we are munching on some wheat thins i had the brilliant idea to  bake some wheat thins a little more in the oven. and then i got impatient and decided to broil them. and i was very very pleased with the result! yum!

-i applied for graduation, this is kind of pretty huge and huge and majorly huge for me! go me! go graduation!

-i made mr monson a handmade valentine. yes, i am that darling of a  wife!
look at those pupils baby!

i hope your valentine week was oh so lovely!


  1. Mmmm, probably not want to hear but I think you're dilated pupils look kind of amazing, in a Disney character kinda way!Rx

  2. hahaha, you are too funny. and the mister and i are right there with you with the whole shower thing. except i'm the hot water hog. but thankfully the hubs doesn't mind :)
    xo TJ

  3. This made me laugh! I also google real estate in other cities. Hopefully one day I can own my own house in a fun city to explore!

  4. new to your blog and i love this post!
    we, too, have the shower issue. except i'm not as nice about it as my mister. if he starts to hog the water too much, i purposely make the shower curtain stick on him. sweet, right?

    xx jes

    1. Ah haha I totally do that too!!! We can be such bullies can't we!!!