Wednesday, May 23, 2012

moved out

after many many trips to the good ole home depot we FINALLY packed up our entire apartment.
i mean serious numbers when i say "many." 
we would buy a five boxes at a time... 
can you imagine how many trips we had to take!?!?!?!?

it took us a solid 5 days from start to finish, but i was actually impress that on our last night we were locked out by midnight. for me, this is impressive- so be impressed! 

we are both busy full-time learning {school} and studying.
it's not starting out as the best summer yet...

we are also the newest tenants at my parents house... yay! 
and somehow we are not the only ones. my sister and her family had a flood in their basement and are also tenants. it is quite the a full house. 


  1. 1) moving is THE worst, I'm so impressed y'all crammed it into 5 days!
    2) LOVE the bangs
    3) congrats on graduating!

  2. I hate moving more than I hate worms. And that is saying SOMETHING.
    Congratulations on graduating!