Monday, September 3, 2012

tourist-ing san francisco

this weekend we had our first visitors!
it was all very exciting and also a nice excuse to get our guest bedroom ready.
which was only half completed for them. oops.
thankfully our friends are good sports 
and have shed no complaints about the mattress being on the floor.
{guys, i promise it won't be like this forever, if you are contemplating a visit, DO IT, our guest bedroom will be up and running, fully function-able shortly free of charge for friends and family}

we decided to be true tourists and see all that attracts those to san francisco
lombard street, fisherman's wharf and pier 39

we are really fun and we will be SUPER good sports about seeing all the same things over and over again, we can easily do all this again and again, and again and again, etc.
-so call me, maybe.

next on our list
union square, alcatraz {we already did this}, chinatown, castro district...where it is legal to be naked {we will be taking full advantage}, and a lot of other places too that i can't think of at the moment!


  1. that really his baby?? so cute! um, and who's that blonde girl hugging my brother?

  2. san fran is for suuuure one of my favorite cities to travel to. (and i've only been once, so that's saying a lot).

  3. fun fun! ps i honestly didn't recognize you in the picture with jeff...i was so confused! haha obviously haven't seen you in a while! xo

  4. What a fun place! Devin keeps telling me he's going to take me to san fran...we still need to make that happen. Looks like you're enjoying it there :) love you!