Thursday, November 15, 2012

happy birthday ec

the other day was my best friends birthday! 
i was so sad to not be there to celebrate with her, but i did serenade her quite beautifully.

eliza and i have been friends for so long {yes, we have the same name}
having the same name worked against us.

because of this similarity, we began our relationship as enemies.
we both arrived the first fay of kindergarten and did not like each other.
we also had on the same dress and that could have played a part in things too.
we were NEVER in the same class.

we eventually saw past this and became best friends.

and sometimes our name worked in our favor. whenever we played games we always got to be on the same team because it was obvious we belonged together, having the same name and all.
we also got the nickname "the lizebians" good or bad, you decide.

so there you have it. 

eliza is such a great friend to have. those who know her, know this.
my favorite thing about her is her loyalty. i know she always has my back!

lucky me!


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