Wednesday, June 12, 2013

june is 3 weeks

i realize that many of her pictures are in this outfit, but it is the only one that fits her best! so... it's gonna happen for awhile k?

today is our little junie bug's third week of life! 
it is also my due date! june 12th!
and she a whopping 7 lbs!
gosh i am so glad that i am not still pregnant! eek, thank you for coming early baby girl!

these last three weeks have been so incredible!

junie's first week of life started out pretty crazy- we had a little jaundice scare that was so obnoxious! they had to keep pricking her foot and drawing blood! so rude! she never had to go under the light or use the blanket, but after we left the hospital we had to go back two separate times to re-check her jaundice. thankfully she eventually passed, and we were able to put that all behind us!

and then just a week after she was born i had to go into surgery, luckily, my mom was here to help and take care of june. everyone was worried about how she might react to my absence for the day, but thankfully surgery was MUCH quicker than anticipated and the anesthesia was very temporary and i was able to come home and be with her after a short 6 hours. since she was such a newbie she was still so tired and we just got to snooze and nap together!

so after all that crazy- we were able to enjoy!

time has flown by, we have been able to get out and show june the park across the street as well as our neighborhood. june doesn't actually know what any of it looks like because she is just covered with her carseat cover the whole time. but i don't feel bad cause she can see like 2% of everything anyways, so... one day it will all be clear junie!

she does not enjoy a good swaddle
she loves to hold our fingers. she also likes to hold onto the bink.
she loves the car and her car seat. she loves when jeff swings her in it mostly.
sometimes she demands that i sit back with her in the car.
she is a hungry hippo and gaining more than an ounce a day!
she does not like to wear bows
she loves to sleep with her hands above her head or around her ears.
she loves to toot while she eats, and pee when we change her dipe.
she also loves the bath, sticks both her feet in the running water.
overall, she is pretty awesome and sounds pretty talented if you ask me.

really tho we cannot get enough of this little thing! jeff gets mad at me when i pull her out of her bassinet and put her in bed with us. i know it's bad, obviously cause i could roll over her, but mostly-because i know that. so i literally don't fall asleep and i just stare at her. bad parenting by me. 


  1. you are so cute. I am so happy for you. such a darling sweet babe. Now call me back so I can hear it from your mouth how happy you are!

  2. You're a mother. Jeff is a father. You guys are parents. This is so fun and happy and crazy. She is so cute. I'm dying to meet her. Hopefully, it's sooner than later.
    p.s. being a mom looks good on you :)