Saturday, June 29, 2013

one month old june

june is over a month old now! i can't even believe it! i want to remember these times and all of the fun little developments that take place.

sweet, sweet june,

in this darling picture above you are listening to me talk to you papa on the phone. you must have heard his voice... so far you are my favorite child, i just love love you! 

as of now... you love the bath. you and i took our first one together just the other day. and you probably peed in the water...
you HATE getting your diaper changed. strong hate. and lots of time you need to go again, right in the middle of it.
you have started tracking very well,and everyone comments on it!
you don't really like being in your carseat- i think its because your arms are sort of stuck and can't frame your face. you love to frame your face with your hands.
you either love a good swaddle, or you act as if it is the most uncomfortable you have ever been.
you weigh 8 lbs. 6 oz. you seriously get chunkier every day! and you are fitting into 0-3 month things, and quickly growing out of newborn things. it makes me sad.
you seriously have strong legs. you act like you want to stand.
when you cry, like really really cry- your eyes get wet. no streaming tears yet, just watery eyes. it breaks my heart when i go pick you up in a cry fit and you have wet eyes. i don't think i can handle real tears.
you sleep good at night. and i am so happy! like mother, like daughter. we love our sleep!
your hands and fingers are like claws! in your carseat crying fits, i just give you my fingers and you calm right down.
your baby zits are almost gone and you are growing little lashes.
you really really like when papa says shhhhh, and when we sing {and fully makeup the rhyming words} hush, little baby. we need to get some better tunes.
you love lights. i swear you are going to go blind.
i feel like every time i nap you in your crib- you do great, but you also spit up and i have to wash the sheets...

basically thats the end. love ya!

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