Tuesday, July 30, 2013

our trip home to utah!

our trip home to utah was so fun, but such a tease. and so busy. we are very popular people.
we were there for so short and definitely didn't get to catch up with everyone we would have liked to.
 or everyone that would have liked to catch up with us... but like we'll ever have time for all those people.
looks like we'll have to go back!

june was a champion on her first flight, she was a better flyer than me. i can never get a wink of sleep and she was out like a lamp the entire time. i guess i need my own bfg to cuddle and tickle me to sleep.
or maybe next time we fly, i can just lay like june is on jeff, and be a lap person.

i had thee best shower with my very best friend, eliza! how lucky are we that we are both having babies! well, i actually already had mine, but she is due so very soon and i am beyond excited! it was so much fun to catch up with all of my friends and have everyone meet sweet june. she was SUCH a good sport and literally let everyone hold her and feed her and change her and dote on her. i was also a very good sport to let everyone do that...

it's also pretty darn depressing to be the palest one in the photo below when i am the one living in california. major bummer! june is really messing with my tan, and i feel that i am doing summer a disservice.

my flight home was a wee bit crazy... first, i flew solo- cause i am that rockstar of a mom, and second- june was a very good travel buddy, and third- my flight was delayed once, and then twice, and then three times. by the second time, i was in line to ask if they could pull my stroller off the plane so that i could shop the pricey airport, and thank goodness i was in line, because it then got delayed AGAIN, and since i was in line, they asked if i wanted to jump on the flight to oakland {background-- i was flying into sf, which is 10 minutes from our apt, and oakland is about 30}. the fight was literally completely boarded, and only about 5 of us got to go on the flight. AND i was super happy about that because if my original flight got delayed anymore it would have been canceled! yuck!

and by the time i got home i was starved and we are so glad that wendy's stays open late!

but since i jumped flights super last minute, my luggage still went to sf, and so the next day i had to go and get it. because it literally had my entire life in it, and a lot of my shower presents and i was just too worried about all of that, so i didn't wait for jeff and i decided to be very brave and independent and do it myself. holy- mistake.

sfo is WAY bigger than i thought and when i asked how to get to southwest baggage claim, they asked if i wanted to take the train, IT WAS THAT FAR AWAY!! i knew that would only confuse me further so i decided to go on a lovely and very long walk that included a delicious bagel. good for me because i had to walk that lovely and very long walk back... with a very large suitcase, stroller, diaper bag, and baby... but like i said before i am very brave and independent and did it! yay me, i am awesome!!

really tho, the funniest part of the whole thing was me trying to get my suitcase into the car. it was the most embarrassing and challenging thing ever! so terrible, that someone driving by, in their car felt compelled to ask if i needed help. but like i said, i am brave and independent and said no.

ok, that's the end.

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