Friday, August 16, 2013

babies meet the GGB

the other day we decided that babu june needed to see the GGB.
she was super into it.

kira and hyo, me and june, tenley and randi, sara jayne and caroline

it was a perfect day. we got some lunchy at blue barn. they make very large sandwiches. and had some serious mom talk. it's pretty rad when your conversations are all the sudden about baby sleep, which diapers smell best, where you got a miniature hat or that they moved in their sleep...

which brings me to my next story. june moved MAJORLY in her sleep the other night. guys, she is just a little 2 month old! this is huge. but since she has not ever moved before, we don't have a bumper on her crib or anything, cause we haven't needed one. but she moved like a whole foot and was completely out of the monitor screen and her sweet little chunk leg was sticking out of the bars! this is how babies break their legs! of course we flipped and bought a meshy bumper pad.



  1. cutest day i will have to have a baby and play with you guys all day! haha xo
    ps i loved our little parade! why did you move?

    1. haha, yes you do need to get one of these baby things! i dunno- i just needed a change. i'm a little ansy like that!!! we need to get together again! google soon?