Sunday, August 25, 2013

june is 3 months!

hey everyone, june is 3 months old the other day, and guess who is 25? {me}
it was sort of a bittersweet birthday. but it shouldn't have been- cause i am living beyond my expectations or probably where i thought i'd be at this time of my life.
happily married, california dreamin' and with a sweet babe on my hip! 
{correction- the sweet babe is more attached to a different part of my body... but thats ok, hip is a little more appropriate!}

i had a great and super fun year last year, and am looking forward to another. 25 just sounds old. 

this is after her first full 3 hours of church, june we are so proud! 

not, let's move onto june.

june is still a cuddle bug, and we have started to call her "bunny" {don't know why}
june is getting pretty handsy, and when she finds them she slobs and slobs and sucks with gusto!
she has started to slob a little bit, but not too bad yet.
she is getting more and more smiley and is most smiley in the mornings!
when we go get her out of her crib, she is so happy to see us, and we fight over who gets to get her out. when she gets super happy she turns her head  and moves her arms and legs, it's like she can't control the happiness, ha! she also has happy screams, that keep us from sunday school.
we weighed her the other day and she was a little bit over 12 lbs! go june! that means she has doubled her birth weight. dang girl!
somehow she is getting balder... we don't understand. 
june is getting better head control every day and doesn't even mind tummy time one bit, never real has. she has super woman arms and uses them the entire time to hold herself up. she almost rolled over the other day, but those darn arms get in the way! 
she is still a champion sleeper! and we have started her bedtime routine at 9, and then she usually has to get her bink put back in 3-4 times before falling asleep. 
when we rock her before putting her in the crib, she has started to nuzzle to basically anything. the other night she literally smashed her face into the chair, and fell asleep. she'll just burrow anywhere. {picture below} it's almost like she gets annoyed of any light in the room. i have to try so hard not to laugh. its so funny and bizarre.
it's so sad- june is growing out of her newborn stuff! and is actually starting to fit into  3-6 month old stuff. boo june. stop growing!
she is starting to get to big for the kitchen sink baths, i usually just jump in the shower and have jeff bring her to me. she loves the bath, but hates getting out and being cold. 
she also is enjoying her swing a lot more and her playmat. we are happy about this :)
we put her in her stroller for the first time without the carseat, and she didn't like it for about an hour and then decided to snooze.

i promise she is breathing.
even though this picture is blurry, i can't get over its cuteness!

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