Sunday, November 24, 2013

six months down!

hey everybody june is six months old!
pretty cool huh?

some things about june:
june is 14 lbs. she is super smiley and definitely laughing more, mostly at momma, but dad gets on every once in awhile too. she loves when we whistle and singing always calms her down. 

she is sleeping and napping well and has finally pinned down a schedule. right now she wakes up around 6- feeds, and goes right back to sleep. then she wakes up an hourish later and feeds again and then hangs out for about an hour, and goes back down for a good long morning nap around 9/10, which sometimes lasts 3 hours. then she is awake for a long stretch of about 4 hours, and goes back down around 2/3 for an hourish. and then goes down for the night around 7:30. 

we haven't started her on solids yet, but i have gotten in big trouble a couple times for feeding her sweet potatoe fries, water, cottage cheese, poi and pumpkin cheesecake. we haven't fully started her on solids yet just because she used to spit up a lot after she nurses and still can't hold herself up alone. so we are just waiting a little until her tummy can settle easier.

she is definitely grabbing at any and everything, she loves to grab our faces; mouths and cheeks. she loves her sophie and of course our phones. she is looking snug in her 3-6 month clothes. but is drowning in 6-12 months. ha, what do i do? she is starting to explore her voice and is especially chatty in the mornings. she cannot keep her hands out of her mouth, usually she has a bink and fingers from both hands in her mouth. 

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