Monday, December 2, 2013



it is christmas time! i am always sad when christmas goes away, but then it comes again so quickly.
i think that having a baby between them makes it go by a lot faster. something to think about eh?

but seriously i am so excited to share christmas with sweet june. even tho, she will. have. no. idea. what. is. going. on. and all of my presents are on her behalf, so she will really be getting spoiled this year! lucky girl, that june.

to kick of christmas, we got together the other night and made these delightful balls of fury!
we definitely underestimated and had to send tobin out to buy more ornaments at 11 PM. such a good guy that tob. so thankfully we were all able to finish!

if ya'll are interested, you will want a somewhat small wreath to begin with. we used a white foam one and spray painted it gold. then with an assortment of small, medium and large ornaments. start with the outsides first, and use one size. we used the largest of the balls. and glued them with the wreath on the floor so that when it lays on our door it will be flat/even. and same rules go for the outer part of the wreath. and then just go crazy for the middle! 

**what we didn't do, that i wish we would have is kept the little gold taggies on that either string or a hook is on to "hang" it on the tree, because then if you glue and one shows a little, it still looks like an ornament. make sense?

or for much better descriptions, just google or go on pinterest and you can probably find a dozen blogs with pictures galore of this whole ordeal.


it was kind of weird to hang out without the babes. thankfully, june was a snoozer and caused no problems. 
so... whose is the best?????
so back to christmas and snow and trees and smelly candles and hot chocolate, sweaters, radio stations that you can sing along to, boots, gloves/scarves, lights, etc. i just love christmas and cannot wait! let us all go see santa and watch elf, love actually, home alone 1, 2, the santa clause, charlie brown christmas, christmas story, christmas vacation, nightmare before christmas, grinch, the holiday.

but don't watch jingle all the way, any santa clause after 2, or any home alone after 2. or any other movie that you cant think of off the top of your head. because that definitely means it isn't very good.

and of course, remember the true meaning of christmas. too cheesy? too bad, cause its true. 


  1. these are so pretty! and i've basically been spending every single night watching christmas movies.

  2. oh my darling. I wanted to make one of those this year but didn't ever have time so I craved in and bought one. not as darling as yours though! xoxo