Thursday, January 23, 2014


a little late, but that's ok!

2013 was a year for the books! really, it was and for the obvious reasons... our sweet baby junie was born and changed our lives for the better! there is no order or reasons for these pictures, other than the fact that i enjoy them and apparently they are some of my most favorite or important moments from this past year.

i love this picture! i love the guy, the babe and the beach they're standing on. i love june's chub, and her sweet snuggle! mmmm! it is just simply the best! we went to hawaii this past year in october with my parents and had thee best time. junie was 4 month old and was the perfect little traveler! it was such a relaxed trip and we didn't have to move at anyone's pace or schedule, except for sort of junes, ha!

ummm, does an hour away from our house count as a baby moon? our original "baby moon" got the ax when my pregnancy took a turn, at 30 weeks, so we like to pretend this fun weekend trip to monterey was our baby moon. we spent it with good friends and some hella good food! monterey is such a charming little place and was perfect for a weekend trip. this baby belly is 26 weeks.

i don't even know what to write about this. i saw it in video and the person was walking around like this, so of course i had to try and was SO excited to freak jeff out, and then sadly i couldn't walk/crawl when it came down to it. so i had to just yell to jeff for him to come and look. 

our first family photo. 

packing up our life in the bay area. this was a sad and exciting time for us. we are happy to be where we are now, but we were definitely sad to leave. we loved our time in california. 

junie on christmas morning in her christmas jams. 

our empty apartment. we literally sold ALL our furniture, so that we could fit everything into this teeny tiny pod. and haha, we will not be doing a pod situation ever again. it was the MOST jam packed thing EVER!!!!!!! and it's safe to say i was a little more attached to everything we had than i thought. 

some of the bay area babies! such a fun group and i will miss them all SO much! we did a lot with this crew. and when you live away from family, your friends become your family. 
jeff's fishing trip to canada. where he literally caught a fish, threw it in the lake 3 feet away and a bald eagle came from the trees and ate it. i swear it. i have the video! 

june getting some solid action... she LOVED solids the very first time, and every time after.  each bite she would put her fingers in her mouth and slurp the foodies down.

after junie was born my momma and sister came to visit. it was so fun to have them there and to get out of the apartment. after having a babe it is easy to become a hermit, so i am glad that they were there to help me get out and meet little junie. we kept VERY busy and ventured into sausalito and san fran.

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