Saturday, August 21, 2010

lagoon day! and then some...

Today was eBay's employee lagoon day! Jeff and I are fortunate enough to be good friends with an eBay employee, thanks Joey- much fun! So we piled in the suburban with a good game of 'who wants to be a millionaire' on the ipad and were off to Lagoon ...cause we deserve a good time too!

Here is Jeff and sweet Joey, who let us all come under his wing. We got free dinner and cheap tickets! and great Lagoon people! And yes we did do the 'lagoon shuffle' while in line, named by Erik Ingy, and you all know what it is if you think about it...

Of course our first ride was rattlesnake rapids- not really my favorite, but Jef and I got the most wet!

But it also felt good since it was blazing hot! hot! HOT!

We played some games! and Jeff won me a BRIGHT PINK, like neon elephant!

we rode some SWEET rides! My favorite, in order!

1. White roller coaster- a classic!

2. Colossus, fire dragon- never fails to satisfy!

3. the Spider and Jet star always rules!

Wicked is good, but only the first part is good after that it is lame sauce, you just don't realize it cause you are talking about the first part, but really after the first straight up/down part you can literally talk to eachother about the ride on the ride- never a good sign.

How could we pass this up. Worth every pretty penny. The icee i had was also worth every penny.


p.s. i am loving orange lately- yes we have an orange clock and tea kettle (we don't drink tea??)

coming soon...

our apartment, honeymoon, more wedding, mesquite graduation party (erik) congrats to him! It initially began as a boy's golf trip and quickly turned into a family getaway! sunshine, vegas, st. george, shopping, and good break from first week of school. our jackson hole river rafting vaca! and other special things!

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