Monday, August 16, 2010

We are now married!!

Yes, we are married, aka we are now officially allowed to have a blog, as of July 28, 2010. We are going on a full 19 days! WOO! Our goal is 365, and then we will make new goals. I don't even know where to begin... Let's see, the BIG DAY was a huge success (pictures are coming). And we had a dinner two night before, which I thought was a great idea, considering a powerline went down the day after, leaving my entire street powerless for 12 hours, and out house isn't capable of hooking up to a generator! So we were super thankful when it came back on at two in the morning! Talk about a wedding day fiasco!

if you are interested in a play by play, here it is!

The wedding dinner was at soldier Hollow Golf course, in Midway. We LOVED it, it has huge open windows that overlook the entire Heber Valley! The food was delicious, and the entertainment from our families was something we'd never seen before...

The wedding day was great! Especially after our power was out the night before, oh and the wedding was at my house- I forgot to mention that little detail. So the next day any minor or major issue didn't compare to the night before. We were also expecting Thunderstorms, atleast that's what the most reliable said! Luckily they weren't very reliable, until about 9:30 PM.

We were married at 9 in the morning, so it was still somewhat cool outside for pictures, and we took all our picture on the shaded side, which I highly reccommend.

My brother in law, has a old red thunderbird that we drove away after our marraige ceremony and Jeff and I were starving so we went to lunch at Normandy Cafe, both of us looked awful in sweats and t shirts, and yes we did run into people we knew, and they were all very confused..."wait don't you two get married soon..." haha. It was pretty fun. Our lunch was quick, and then off to get ready for our PARTY! Hair and make up appointments (for me and Jeff).

When the wedding party arrived for pictures early (thank you everyone) Somebody brought up our honeymoon and wanted to make sure that I had put my last name, not Jeff's. Well silly Jeff and I were so excited when we booked it, we just knew we'd be married and signed me in as a Monson. But that's not what my passport says- so now we weren't sure if we could go on our honeymoon!

But Jeff's Dad and friend, Steve were able to figure it out betwee, the airlines and the temple and my friends's sweet Mom who drove down to the temple to get a copy of our marraige certificate. The honeymoon was back on!


our cake was delicious! thanks cakes de fleur

this was the kids table!

All the groomsmen!

my dance with my Dad. We danced to "fly me to the moon" sung by my brother and accompanied by my Grandma
my dance with Jeff! we danced to "i'd rather be with you" by joshua raddin, sung by my brother Will!

farewell to the bride and groom!

and off the the Anniversary Inn we went! "Yes, we'll stay the the presidential suite!"

friends jumping in! -->

The party seemed like blast! There was good food dancing and good people! We just LOVED it! and it looked like everyone was having a good time! My friends even jumped in the pool!

Bethany, Samantha, and Eliza 

LOVE LOVE LOVE my friends! they were so great!

All of these wedding photos are from the fabulous Molly Jones! Definitely check her out at We could not hav been happier with what she did! We absolutely loved them and loved her! She was so so great!

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