Wednesday, September 22, 2010

birthday boy

happy birthday to my hottie!

i think that he has been pretty spoiled seeing as we had some sort of celebration every day this week!

sunday- duo birthday dinner celebration with monson family! happy birthday to jeff and his momma vera!

monday- dinner with sweet bethany at trio (yum)

tuesday- dinner with richards family at the red iguana

wednesday- ALL DAY celebration! lunch with family at hires big h, mock bike ride with his lovely wife, ELIZA JANE, and hello dinner celebration at the rodizio grill!

*jeff is a lucky boy and was treated very well from his loved ones! monson family gave him some pretty good gift certificates,a golf shirt, and.. a bike! woo! we are going to be a biker couple! so please don't hit us if you see us on the road, i know its tempting to just hit the bikers...

he got hooked up with some biking gear from the richards, including a pretty sweet stylish outfit from his partner in crime...ME!

we are so lucky to have such great families that we live so near that we can just celebrate these things with them! and jeff was treated very well and he is so grateful for all of his wonderful presents and all the love that was shredded on him wrapped in ribbons and bows!

here is darling jeff entertaining all the grandkids with this silly talking cat app on his phone. they love it! so he pretty much busts this out every family party and entertains them. pretty sure the parents love it just as much as their kids...
to my sweet jeff: happy birthday! you are the best hubby- i scored big time! i feel so luck to spend time with you and see you every day forever. you always know how to make me happy and you are really good at making me laugh at really bad times! you are such a hardworker too and i appreciate all that you do for me and for the people around you. you make me so happy! you are so caring, nice, and understanding. i admire how you love and look out for your family and friends!

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