Tuesday, September 21, 2010

utah state fair

i absolutely love the utah state fair. we almost missed it this year cause of our busy crazy lives but we ended up making it late on saturday night. probably my most favorite thing is just walk around and people watch... oh my the fair really brings out the best of utah! p.s. i apologize for all the variations of pictures with the ferris wheel- it's just so fair-ish! oh and i got really into the editing thing...

Welcome to the mighty Thomas Carnival!

cowgirls! haha get it???
a cow and girls


i'm sorry that we LOVE the ferris wheel!
and cotton candy is so dang good!

yes. this is what jeff won for me. a panda. after lots of money and an impossible and no actual win- the carni (is that how you spell it? and is that what their called?) felt bad and let me pick this. haha. and to be honest i was a little bit sad that i didn't win this...

why don't i own you?
jeff will just have to try harder next time

and i will leave you with this child... oh my gosh! he was the cutest little red head ever! too bad that this isn't a movie- but this little kid was clapping!
i'm sure the parents thought i was psycho for taking pictures of their child. ha.
so the fair was so fun! we saw all the animals- HUGE animals! cows and pigs and rabbits- what?
and we loved all the rides and games! and the sweet lady who let jeff and i into the fun house for free! haha with all the kids- me and jeff! haha

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  1. Your pictures of the ferris wheel are AWESOME! Wow, I want a cool camera so I can take neat pictures. Looks like a fun night :)