Sunday, September 19, 2010

st. george

a little bit ago we took a weekend vacation to st. george. my brother-in-law graduated college and wanted to go on a golf trip. i probably invited myself, but then everyone else did, and it turned out to be an "ever yone was invited!" kinda deal! it was so much fun! while the boys golfed all day long the girls hit up the little shopping that st. george has..., got some fro-yo, pedicures, and of course hit up fiesta fun, sadly we didn't make it to fat man's crack.

the infamous pizza factory!

as sara said, "that pizza just
really hit the spot!"

and you would be embarrassed for me if you really knew how badly i needed ^this^ my poor feet never get enough TLC

so you would think that of all places st. george would have a frozen yogurt place on EVERY corner right? WRONG! seriously we drove around for an hour trying to find ONE! that's not a joke. we were really dedicated to our fro-yo. oh and yes, i did get a big cup...

how could we not? hello, we're in st. george of course we went to fiesta fun! i'll let you know that jeff only beat me in mini gold by two, and we as a team definitely dominated sara and erik by a long shot. and i hate mini golf.
until next time st. george...

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  1. I'm so glad you remembered how much I loved that pizza. It did hit the spot! Let's go back :)