Saturday, October 16, 2010

the A-Z life

over fall break jeff and i (last minute) decided to go to arizona and visit my cousin liz and her husband devin. it was a blast!

we went on a great little hike to the top of look out mountain. pretty self explanatory. you can see all of phoenix. it was pretty sweet.

jeff. me. liz. devin

TOO MUCH FOOD! we went to this place called islands and oh my goodness they were the most delicious burgers ever!

and these little things were like baby pesto pizza! so good!

always in the mood for a good fro yo treat! yes, mine is stacked!

we quickly became professional rock climbers, not a surprise.

it was so much fun to so something that jeff and i NEVER do. but i think that we will hopefully keep it up. i dont know why i don't have a picture of jeff but he was pro too.

this picture was taken during an informative video that we were supposed to be paying attention too. we didn't. but we did get a good picture of our sweet insanely small shoes! i also don't know why this is underlined- or how to take it away so whatever.

such a delish restaurant in old towne. bandera's- definitely reccommend you go there.

loving the green life. i don't even know what happened to this picture. but its kinda cool right?

liz and i at a scary movie- the audience hated us because we took this picture when it was dark during the previews. sorry.

liz and i have become very good at shopping and since we don't live by each other we always walk away with the same things. we ended up buying these flowers pants, leggings, and shirts that were all the same. haha great minds think alike.

PEACE OUT AZ! we loved you and hope to come back! cousins are the best! especially when they are so nice to take you in with two days notice!

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