Sunday, October 24, 2010

cabin time

I am ready for what the future brings... HALLOWEEN! THANKSGIVING! CHRISTMAS! As far as these last two holidays are concerned it always makes me think of family. Jeff and I are so lucky to live so close to our families and be able to spend time with them. Before we were married we often spent Sunday dinners with our own families, but now that we are married we try to alternate every other Sunday. I am getting so excited for our first major holidays together married. And to see what traditions we really want to start come Christmas morning. Both of our families have fun little traditions and I hope that we can incorporate a lot of those.

We just took family pictures with Jeff's family last weekend and I wish that I had the pictures to visibly compare the differences between our two families. It's a joke. When I get them back I will be sure to post the maturity and understanding that Jeff's family has when a camera is put in front of their faces. Unlike my family...

will. puppy moby. mom infront of my dad. jordan. warner bent over. me and jeff. cait. dan. winston.

haha well this was a funny picture. But really I wanted to post up a normal one but there wasn't one between Will with the dog, Jordan with the stick, and Warner takes care of things himself. So this really was my best option.

These were taken at my cabin the other weekend.
This Is my brother in law, Dan, and he bravely jumped in with all these horses.

Why is it that I always put pictures that are somewhat sentimental to me and could make me cry cause of how sweet they are in black and white, haha. Here we have Winston feeding the horses, and Jeff and Winston walking together (Winston begging Jeff to carry him).

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