Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Believe it or not- But I love halloween and I may be alone on this one! Even my hubby bear Jeff isn't the biggest fan- but I'm definitely a Halloween Fan! What's not to like?

A list of PROS:
little kids costumes! DARLING
Free Candy
Pumpkin Carving
Pumpkin Pie
Candy at my work
Pumpkin flavor everything at every food joint
Haunted Houses
Scary Movies (I always think that I like these and then after I realize that I don't)
Candy Candy Candy Candy Candy! I freakin' LOVE Candy! Free everywhere you go!
it eventually ends
pumpkin things go away
(those are hardly even real cons)

Anyways, let me treat you a little to my festivities so far!
The other night we had a little Halloween dinner with my family and carved pumpkins! It was way fun and Jeff and I were WAY ahead of the game on our pumpkin carving. We blew them out of the WATER!!
Anyways, here is our little table (thanks mom), it was darling. We each had our own little candy cauldron dish in front of us. I think that my Mom purposely put gross candies in mine: butterfinger (sick) and candy corns and pumpkins (fake candy/wax candy). But I snitched some goodies from everyone else's. The table even had some of my own handmade decor!

This little witch I made! It is an OLD rotten apple with the pearl pushpins as eyes. Hehehehehe (can't you hear her cackle?) she is creepy though!

Jeff and I carving our pumpkin!
p.s. I really think that after I cut the top off it shrunk,
because it barely fits! I have to like wedge it in!
This is Jeff's favorite part! I always save it for him! Scoopy poopy!

This is my brother Tay, I don't think he has made an appearance!
So welcome and meet Tay! He's a rockstar!
Jeff Bleak's little house, Jordan's hanging man! Warner's Ghost, J.R.'s crazy science man, and my biker accident or something one...
^How sweet are our pumpkins?
Honestly, they are super rad!

Regardless, of how mean everyone was to my pumpkin,
I think it's just jealousy and I love him!
Poor guy got all beat up!
Final Product! I think mine got first place! And I know you all agree!

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