Tuesday, November 2, 2010

trick or treat

This Halloween was so fun! On Friday we went to a Halloween party that Jeff's friends threw! kudos to Joey for making rio food and for the funnest costume!

Jeff and I were jesters/clowns

Everyone had AMAZING costumes!

TOP ROW: Tiffany and Zach Wade were Steve Irwin and his wife, Judd and Becca were a hunter and a duck, Steve and Liz were NERDS, Jeff and I were clowns, Scott and Beth were ipod commercials, BOTTOM ROW: Heather and Joey were Venus and Serena, Parker and Liz were a treadmill and a runner, Jessica and John were little red riding hood and the wolf!

We played minute to win it games, organized by Judd and Becca. They were SO funny! Jeff and I were completely unsuccessful in our games.

On actual Halloween, or celebrated Halloween Saturday
we had a little chocolate fondue party!
It was so fun and delicious treats never fail!

Beth as Dorothy and Moby as Toto, Sam as a penguin or Angela from the office, Annie and Raymo were NERDS, Eliza was a flapper, Harvey was a GHOSTBUSTER, Sara was a cheerleader (in Vera Gene's cheerleading outfit!!!) Erik was a old school tennis player- he even had a ciggy, Jeff and I were awesome and were clowns/jesters!
Here are all of the girlies! Halloween FUN! Our little party was basically a pre-party for all those who have other parties to attend! haha. After the goodies, Jeff and I and Sara and Erik watched a movie that was said to be scary... it was not.

here are some of my Halloween costumes of the past!
Sam as a construction worker, Eliza an angel and I am a devil

Jeff and I as Mickey Mouse and Minnie

Rach, Kate, and Brooke were the three blind mice, Eliza and I were piggies (we even taped our noses up! Kira was little boy blue.

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