Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy Dear! You're 6-0!

So this year for my Dad's birthday my Mom suprised him with a Palm Springs getaway! He was totally in shock! After work she had him go on a little scavenger hunt with everyone in my family. So he obviously knew something was up, but didn't think they would go far because Jeff and I were speaking in church that Sunday. He knew my Mom wouldn't do that...sad, ha.
He was blind-folded and dropped off at the airport holding a sign that said Becky (my mom's name). When they got on the flight his seat was all decorated with a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign, golf magazines, and some gift certificates. Once they were all seated and waiting to take off, their best friends walked on the plane, the Schneider's!
They had tons of fun! HOORAY! They golfed, pooled it up, and everything above.

We celebrated his birthday when he got home. We all brought whatever Asian dish we wanted. I brought the best; salmon rice bowl from the new shushi groove!

This is our birthday display! How random is this! We have everything Asia- even homemade lovelies; gyoza, and pot stickers. YUM!

Happy Birthday Dad! You are the BOMB.COM!

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