Sunday, November 14, 2010

our wedding day

PICTURE OVERLOAD!!!!! be prepared!

I have decided to share my wedding pictures with you... We had such a great wedding day in the dead heat of July, we somehow managed to have cloudy skies. It was perfect! Taking pictures was great lighting and an unimaginable cool temperature. We also had a great photographer, Lindsey with green apple photography, you can visit her info here. We loved her and couldn't be happier with our pictures.

A little re-cap for you if you didn't know. But the wedding was at my parent's house, in the backyard. And the day before my wedding the power was out on our entire block, for 24 hours! it was horrific in every way, just ask anyone who stopped by (tears streaming). You can read more details of the wedding day and the power being out and us being champions about it here. So anyways I think that we had incredibly good weather that day because of that.
You are lucky, or maybe not... I might post more than you even want to see, so deal with it. Cause of course I loved my wedding, everyone loves their wedding so I can't help it.

We really struggled with where to take our bridals and literally decided the day of a couple hours before. Because the Salt Lake Country Club is closed on Mondays we were able to roam inside and out. They let us borrow a golf cart and everything. It was perfect!

The golf course is my back yard, so we were able to drive right up to my house and do this below... My Mom, sister, and photographer were probably thinking I was crazy. Who jumps on the tramp in their wedding dress?

THE RECEPTION! from the roof: the entire PARTY!!!!

all the little kiddies! Haha this picture was the funniest!

our bridesmaids and groomsmen!

these are the stylish boys in their seersucker shorts and their plaid bow-ties

Below is a picture of my niece Kate in her cutest ruffle dress!
This is what all the little girls wore.

wedding cake! every layer was a different flavor; coconut, 2 chocolate layers, vanilla, and almond poppy. the works!

if you can't tell this is our engagement story. Jeff is a magician and knew that I would want this documented. So he planned to have someone there so take care of it. Molly Jones.

and you've all seen him a million times, my nephew!
I did a little recap previous to this one awhile back with some other photos. We were fortunate enough to have some pretty good photographers on hand at my wedding. So click here to see some from a good friend Molly Jones.


  1. Prettiest wedding ever! I am in love with all of these pictures.

  2. It was such a perfect day! I loved every minute and everything about your wedding - wish we could do it all again :)

  3. thanks for dropping by. . . so you had more groomsmen than brides maids? how did they walk down the aisle? i'm very interested to know b/c i wondered that one day i wanted to have one like that. . .