Saturday, November 20, 2010

thanks banbury cross

Jeff and I have been CRAVING banbury cross donuts! So the other day we went to the gym early, got a good workout and then felt pretty good about going to banbury cross! It was delish! And luckily, Jeff is bff's with everyone and he knew the worker and we got free donuts! So yes, we got more than needed but still ate it all.

As you can see it was chilly chilly outside so I had to treat myself to hot chocolate. And I just loved this little message on it. If you can't see what it says, it says, "Love your job more than ever Right now."

I just loved this! Everyone always complains about work, me included, but we should all be so grateful that we even have jobs, and that we have jobs that we like and we work with good people (sorry if that last part doesn't apply to you...)

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  1. So true....We are all very blessed to be working. So i've never even heard of Banburry Cross... sounds yummy! Happy Holidays my dear cousin! Love you :)