Friday, November 26, 2010

happy thanksgiving

I hope that everyone had a great thanksgiving!

With lots of food, family, and in some cases psycho shopping!

Jeff and I spent Thanksgiving in Midway this year.

It was so fun! Then we came down to SLC and of course made my family's

Thanksgiving that started at three...(five). We then headed back up to Midway, watched a good flick, and then Black Friday happened and I had to go to work at midnight. And I was 45 minutes late because of crazy shoppers who backed up the freeway! BOOOOO! People are so silly, I just love my sleep more than deals. ESPECIALLY when J.Crew's deals are the same the entire week prior.

But it was fun, and I get to work with my friend Sam.

Here is a picture of the table at my parents.

Sadly, I didn't get to snap pictures the Monson table,

but it was great and delish!

And here are the little cornucopia's that we made.

I had all the little gran kids helping me, and they loved it and were so great!

These are made out of ice cream cones, that were wet and microwaved and then bent into shape. Then filled with little candies. YUM.

Just so you know. Jeff and I are very thankful for many things.

Some serious:

  • our apartment becoming more like home

  • food

  • health. of ourselves and our families.

  • our jobs

  • each other!

  • the gospel

  • family, friends and their support

  • school

  • safety

Some more practical:

  • microwaves

  • our bed, pillows, and blankets

  • cars!

  • heat seaters aka my BFF

  • cameras

  • purses! can you imagine not having one!

  • computers

  • phones, e-mail, etc

  • coats and other warm things

  • toilets... what if?

Some leisures

  • sugar

  • diet coke

  • restaurants

  • take-out/delivery

  • movies

  • batteries

  • costco

  • GPS things

  • sunglasses

  • vacations

  • DVR

and that's all off the top of my head!

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