Friday, November 26, 2010


This winter season really crept up on me!

One day it was hot, and then next I was wearing these...

Which I really LOVE my sorrel's!

I think they are going to become

a more permanent accessory on my feet!

But who else is SUPER stoked for this HOLIDAY!

I'm going crazy, I can't stop talking about when we are going to go get our Christmas tree!

Cause it is going to be an entire event, with dinner and temple lights, and hot cocoa of course.

Then we are going to decorate it with all of our three ornaments!

This ^ picture is taken at my work, Bloomingsales! And thanks Morgan for being my model!

Bloomingsales has darling Christmas ornaments and decorations.

But this task is so tedious and time consuming!

We have to get on the table and tie each little ornament up there!

Yay for Christmas!

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