Friday, December 10, 2010

christmas at the monson's


Here are some of our Christmas decorations!

our tree also has some new ornaments!
And yes our tree is small but we put it on a stool you can hardly notice.

and how beautiful is this Santa? These are my Grandma's hand painted Santa mugs and I think we can all say that Mrs. Clause is a lucky girl- cause Santa is beautiful.


  1. So cute Lize... We have a little tree too! Those Santa's remind me of some fun mugs that Gammie had at her condo... do you remember the cups she had that had like little statues/animals on the bottom of the cup inside?? I swear one had a rooster or something. I vaguely remember them but I absolutely loved them... haha. random memory thought I would share. ALSO... Lize, I got some BANGS! I love them! So fun. You were part of my inspiration :) Love you!

  2. Is it funny that when I opened your blog and saw "Christmas at the Monson's" my first thought was, what Christmas festivities did they go to at my parents house? I just forget that you and Jeff are the Monson's :) Christmas was my favorite "first" of being married. Hope you two are having fun!