Wednesday, December 22, 2010

christmas random

Jeff's most favorite Christmas tradition is...
going to his Grandma's house in Tremonton on Christmas day.

The last store that Eliza went to for Christmas shopping was....
Smith's! Ah don't worry for photo purposes.

Jeff's most excited and anticipated Christmas gift he's ever gotten... after saying me, his favorite gift was a double shot

Eliza's favorite Christmas song...
I think maybe silent night

The last store Jeff went to for his Christmas shopping....

Jeff's most memorable Christmas....
The Christmas right before he left on his mission when they celebrated it two weeks early.

Eliza's favorite Christmas tradition...
every year before we open presents we sing Jingle Bells through the whole house, oldest to youngest.

Jeff's favorite Christmas song...
O holy night

some other silly randoms:

  • Jeff and I have decided to decorate our Christmas trees with random ornaments! Oh and to always have real trees! Until we are too old to hassle with it

  • Everyone is kinder at Christmas time.

  • We call Christmas gifts for each other "Christmas secrets."

  • On Christmas day we have decided to try and divide our time evenly with each family.

  • I love Santa's with real beards, but I really do dream of visiting the most amazing Santa Clause in NYC. Seriously he's enchanting.

  • My "go-to" ugly sweater has won many party awards, however I have never been the recipient of that award! What is wrong with me!

  • In both of our families we have decided to draw names that way everyone can get a personal, meaningful gift rather than a dinky silly thing.

  • Ever since after Thanksgiving we are sworn not to look at each others e-mails or phones.

  • I LOVE Christmas music, and my radio is always set on 100.3.

  • We have decided to spend Christmas eve at our apartment and have Christmas morning together, just us two with a BIG Christmas breakfast!

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